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Welcome to the SphereSite. The site where you can find innovative interfaces based on SphereXP - the world's number one three-dimensional desktop. Feel free to download and try out any of the projects. The two currently existing applications are SphereXP and SphereXPlorer.

Sphere Inc. was formed to legally cover everything that has to do with SphereXP and similar projects. Founded by Dusan Hamar, the creator of SphereXP with the aim to ship more innovative interfaces faster. You can support the independent research & development by donating.

For more information feel free to contact us at support@spheresite.com


May 13th 2009 - NEW FREE VERSIONS!!!

SphereXP 1.4.10 & SphereXPlorer 1.4.10

New features include Windows 7 and Vista support! Special thanks goes to Jan Kmet & Sune Christiansen :)

May 11th 2009 - SPHERE IS NOW FREE

Sphere is now FREEWARE!!! You can still support the development by donating.

May 1st 2006 - Forums fix

Forums back online

July 27th 2006 - New versions

SphereXP 1.1.626 & SphereXPlorer 1.1.420

Multilingual interface. Add German language - other coming soon. Many optimalizations. Especially SphereXPlorer is much faster now.



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